Home In A Bag

Providing Quick and Easy Shelter, Power and Communication for Displaced Individuals

Getting to know us

Home in a Bag is working to reduce the damage done after a natural disaster by providing emergency shelter and power to those who would otherwise live without it, for extended periods of time.

When a hurricane hits a tropical country, it can take years before things return to normal. That's where we come in!

Our Motivation

Getting displaced individuals the help they need

Providing mobile shelters speedily

Connecting the displaced to resources/agencies they need.

Modular shelters keeping families together

Rapid response to setup settlements in disaster zones

Our Services

Home in a bag is the reality millions of people worldwide face due to the aftermath of natural disasters. We aim to mitigate the damages done from natural disasters before, during and after by providing information and equipment to all those who would need it.

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Featured On

CTV News - Calgary entrepreneur living on the streets to test his 'Home in a Bag'


Mutually Assured Prosperity - We'll work together to rebuild prosperity.

Your Experience

For those of us who have experienced a disaster and have come out on the other side, Way To Go! Feel free to share your experience with us as it will provide support to those affected by similar life changing situations.

Please note that your contact information is kept confidential and is not shared with any third-party sites or services.

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